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Hidden Rome


Ancient Rome Walking Tour

"Descending the staircase and crossing the three level stratification beneath St. Clement's Church we will go back in time to the 4th century Basilica and to the even earlier remains of the ancient cult of Mytra, which has been remarkably well preserved. One can even hear the water flowing, as did at that time, working is way down to the Tiber.

We will then admire the medieval basilica of the XII century A.D. housing one of the most ancient Christian mosaics of Rome and an important fresco cycle attributed to the Florentine school of the great Masaccio.

We will then reach the nearby site of the Roman domus beneath the Church of SS. Giovanni and Paolo situated on the "Clivio of Scauro" on the Coelian hill. The domus contains a part of the relics of the two martyrs to which the Church is entitled, remarkable late roman frescos and a nympheum."

Meeting point: out of the metro station "Colosseum".
Duration: 3 hours and half.
Price: from 60 Euro per person.
St. Clement's Church entrance fee: 6 Euro.
Roman domus entrance fee: 6 Euro.
Please Note: the Roman domus beneath the Church of SS. Giovanni and Paolo are closed to the public on Tuesday and Wednesday.


Hidden Rome Walking Tour

This walking tour offers you the extraordinary opportunity to broaden your experience of Ancient Rome with a visit to an archaeological area which is mostly unknown to the traditional tourist circuit.

Throughout a guided walking tour among the historical alleys, street and squares of Rome, you will discover the layout of Ancient Rome, hidden beneath the modern houses and palaces. The itinerary starts with the visit of the "Forum Olitorium" , the ancient market of the vegetables which is a real open air museum full of monuments and legends.

We will go down into the undergrounds of St. Nicola in Carcere Church incorporating the remains of three Roman republican temples dedicated to Juno, Spes and Janus. We will then visit the nearby archaeological area of the theatre of Marcellus, the first theatre of Rome, constructed by the emperor Augustus in honour of his nephew who prematurely died and the adjacent Porticus of Octaviae which is still well preserved beneath the medieval houses of the Jewish Ghetto.
Finally we will reach the Pantheon archaeological area to explore the remains of the Augustean Rome hidden in the houses and alleys of the district.

The itinerary will terminate with a visit of the Pantheon , the huge round temple roofed with a dome were Augustus wanted to be venerated like a god, which is today still well preserved under the structure of the medieval Church of S. Maria ad Martyres.

Places and monuments included in the itinerary: St. Nicola in Carcere underground, theatre of Marcellus - Temple of Apollo Sosianus - Porticus Octaviae - Sacred area of Largo Argentina - Baths of Agrippa - Basilica of Neptunus - Pantheon.
Meeting point: out of the entrance of St. Maria in Cosmedin Church. (bocca della verità).
Duration: about three hours and half.
Price: from 80 Euro per person.

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