Walking Tours of Rome

Archaeological Walking Tours of Rome with Roman Trails

High quality walking tours for travelers who wish to explore ancient Rome and its surroundings with a local expert guide


We are professional experts of Roman history of art, archaeology, architecture and culture who in addition to our normal profession of researchers and University lecturers, conceive high quality private itineraries for small groups of travellers who wish to explore Ancient Rome and its surroundings in depth.

Our walking tours are especially designed for a curious traveller who wish to discover places off the beaten tracks as we do believe that there are plenty of Heritage sights forgotten by the tourism market which are worth of a visit.

Villas, archaeological sites, works of art all blend together into a landscape celebrated for centuries from poets, writers and painters. With an immersion at many different levels into the secrets of our local history, art and culture, you will share an intimate and unique experience in which gastronomy, wine and conviviality are also an essential part.

And it's with this spirit that we offer wine tours and itineraries into the delights of ancient Rome and its surroundings.

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