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The Land of the Etruscans


Tarquinia Etruscans

"This itinerary will help you discover the Etruscan culture in its most significant and intimate aspects such as art, religion, and private life. Ours driver will pick you up at your hotel in Rome and will drive you along the Etruscan coast to the sight of the ancient Tarquinia. In the morning an expert archaeologist will guide you for a visit to the Archaeological National Museum.
The Museum, housed in the beautiful Vitelleschi palace, as an extraordinary example of early Reinassance architecture, is considered one of the most important Etruscan museums of Italy.
It exposes, together with the archaeological finds found in the territory of Tarquinia, from the "villanoviano" to the Roman time (vases of Greek and Etruscan origin, candelabri, mirrors, coins and sculptures among which are the famed "winged horses" from the "Ara della Regina" temple) a remarkable collection of sculpted sarcophagi of the Etruscan families and four of the painted tombs (Triclinio, Biga, the Olympic games and Nave) from the necropolis of Monterozzi.

After a short brunch based on local genuine products, in the evening we will visit the Necropolis of Monterozzi which is today entered in the list of the UNESCO world heritage sites for its hundreds of painted tombs testifying the cult of death of a fascinating and enigmatic people: here you will admire the Etruscans everyday life scenes, such as banquets, games and rituals, showing the funerary customs of the opulent Tarquinian's society.

Land of the Etruscans

Duration: full day.
Price: from 150 Euro per person. Price includes the transportation service to and from Tarquinia, the guide service in English language with an expert archaeologist.
Brunch: based on the typical products of the place plus wine tasting at the wine bar "Il Grappolo".
Transportation: No vehicles, we will walk.

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