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"My family with 14 year old boy visited Rome in April and the highlight of our trip was Roman Forum-Palatine-Coliseum walking tour. It was our second visit in Rome for me and my husband, but the first time we visited the ancient ruins on our own.

From that visit I got an impression of this sites as the huge piles of old stones... I didn't want our teenager son has the same experience and we decided that we need a tour guide.

I found Claudia Pinci on the website She is an expert archaeologist and licensed tour guide in Rome. We had a great tour with her.

For all of us Coliseum, Forum, Palatine raise like alive, miracle place full of history and memories of real people lives.

We really enjoyed listen what Claudia explained to us, but not less important was possibility to ask any questions to real expert with huge passion in archeology. And it was our pleasure and fun to meet a nice Italian lady who could share some stories about life in today's Rome and, for example, her own experience with restaurants".

"I was recently in Rome and had an amazing walking tour of ancient Rome with Claudia Pinci at I found Claudia when researching tours of the forum and the house of Augustus.

It is the only tour I found that provided a detailed tour of the house of Augustus. Claudia is an expert archaeologist and local that has extensive knowledge of ancient rome.

It is one of the best tours I have ever taken. She took my boyfriend and I for a walk through the roman forum, Palatine hill, house of Augustus, and Colosseum.

She provided informative and interesting information at each site. I strongly recommend this tour to anyone wanting a personal and highly interesting tour.

She provides a variety of tours and can certainly tailor a tour to meet your individual interests.".


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