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You will sail the Tiber river like an ancient Roman on a river boat from Ponte Marconi to the Ancient Ostia excavation site.

Ancient Ostia On Boat Tour

The first part of the itinerary will be a scenic river boat ride on the Tiber (2h.15) from Ponte Marconi to Ancient Ostia, with an expert historical and nature guide. This charming experience will take you through the typical fauna and flora of the fluvial environment giving you a window into the most ancient roman way of commerce.
The second part of the itinerary will be dedicated to the visit of the Ancient Ostia excavation. An expert archaeologist will lead you to discover the many aspects of everyday life for an ancient Roman citizen through the observation and explanation of the archaeological ruins.

You will visit the main public (the theatre, baths, forum and temples) and private (houses and shops) buildings of the city while learning about the ancient building techniques.
Finally learn about the efforts of modern archaeologists with an introduction to the history and the topography of the site.

Meeting Point: out of the metro station Marconi at 9 a.m.
Duration: full day.
Price: from 100 Euro per person. The price includes the boat sailing, a small breakfast on board, the guide service on board and the guide service on the excavation site.
Ancient Ostia excavation entrance fee: 6.50 Euro.
Lunch: will be free at the Ancient Ostia excavation wine bar.
We will come back in Rome by train, arriving at Piramide metro station in Piazzale Ostiense.
Please Note: this tour must be booked at least one week in advance. The boat ride is available from 1st September to 30 October and from 15th March to 30th June.


Tivoli Hadrian's Villa Tour

Hadrian's villa located at the foot of the hills of the modern Tivoli, is one the most huge Roman imperial villas survived until today. With its baths, temples, theatres, libraries, porticus and water basins extended over an area of about 300 ha, it can be considered more than a proper villa, a real town.
The emperor Hadrian, a personality of extraordinary intellect, was together philosopher, poet, literate and architect

He wanted to realize buildings which remembered him the numerous places he visited during his traveling across the Mediterranean: the "Liceum" and "Pecile" of Athens, the "Canopo" on the Nile and the famous "Valley of Tempe" in Thessaly. He even wanted to build a temple in memory of his dear lovers Antinoo who died prematurely in the waters of the Nile.
With a guided walk throughout the scenographic architectures of the villa and along the lines of the Hadrian biography from the opera of Maguerite Yourcenar, "Hadrian's Memories", we will explore the places of the romantic life and thoughts of one of the most modern men of antiquity.

Duration: 10. a.m. - 15 p.m.
Price: from 120 euro per person. Price includes the transportation service to and from Hadrian Villa, the tour guide service in English language with an expert archaeologist.
Lunch: will be free in the cafeteria of the Villa.
Transportation: private driver.


Sanctuary of Fortuna Primigenia in Palestrina

The famous sanctuary of the Fortuna Primigenia, located by the ancient Praenestae, (only about 30 km from Rome) is one of the most extraordinary examples of the Roman sacred architecture. Its scenographic setting with panoramic terraces degrading towards a natural valley, was opera of a Greek architect as results from the discovery of an inscription with the name of one of the yard head masters.
We know from the ancient sources that "Antro delle Sorti" (Cavern of the Fates) was the chief focus of the sanctuary. This natural grotto hosted the Oracle of the goddess Fortuna Primigenia who discerned the future from cryptic tablets (the so-called Sortes Praenestinae-Fates of Palestrina).

A children descended into the dark of a deep bore, returning to light with an inscribed tablet with the "sors" (response) of the goddess.
During ours visit we will explore the archaeological area of the sanctuary of the goddess Fortuna Primigenia by narrating exactly the intriguing rituality which accompanied the oracular cult of the Goddes.

Sanctuary of Fortuna Primigenia in Palestrina Tour

We will then visit the Archaeological National Museum of the ancient Prenestae hosted in the adjacent historical seat of Palazzo Colonna Barberini. The Museum houses most of the archeological finds recovered in the territory of Palestrina illustrating with a modern display, the history and costumes of the ancient Roman town.
The master piece of the collection is doubtless the famous "Mosaic of the Nile".

Duration: full day.
Price: from 150 Euro per person. Price includes the transportation to and from the site of the ancient Palestrina, the guide service in English language with an expert archaeologist.
Lunch: at the local typical restaurant "Clementicchio".
Transportation: private driver.


The Shrine of Diana Nemorensis by the Lake Nemi

Not far away from Rome, on the shores of the Nemi Lake, in an enchanting timeless grove, there are the ruins of one of the most fascinating place of ancient Italy. The shrine of Diana Nemorenis (Diana of the wood). This was the shrine common to the cities of the Latin League. The origin of this ancient cult is lost in the mists of time. According to the myth Orestes would have brought to Nemi from Tauris, the bloody cult of Artemis together with the statue of the goddess.
The cult of Artemis Taurica requierd human sacrifices and something of the ancient ritual remained in that of Nemi: the bloody and magic ritual which entrusted to a mortal duel the investiture of the rex Nemorensis (king of the grove) as is well described by the ancient authors and in the famed book of Sir James Frazer "The Golden Bough". A tree was located in the center of the grove which was guarded heavily. No one was to break off its limbs, with the exception of a runaway slave. Upon breaking off a limb, the slave was then in turn granted the privilege to engage the Rex Nemorensis in a mortal combat.

If the slave prevailed, he became the next king for as long as he could defeat challengers. This was evidently a fertility ritual of the kingship which had the role of confirming the exceptional physical strength of the king who never should have perished.
During the Roman empire the cult of Diana became associated with that of Isis so that the emperor Caligula who was a fervent devotee of the Egyptian goddess, rebuilt the sanctuary for the last time. He even wanted to build his luxurious villa on the shore of the Lake of Nemi and the two celebrated ships destined to a representative function and cult ceremonies.

Through a walking tour in the evocative sacred grove of Diana we will retrace the complex and misterious cult and identity of the ancient tutelary mother goddess of the Latins. In the evening we will visit the near by Museum of the Ships of Nemi housing the archaeological finds from the shrine of Diana and the remains of the ships of Caligula.

Duration: full day.
Price: from 150 Euro per person. Price includes the transportation to and from the site of the ancient Nemi, the guide service in English language with an expert archaeologist.
Lunch: based on the typical products of the place at the local farm house "Il Giardino di Diana".
Transportation: private driver.

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