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Vulci Wine Tour

We will drive you in the heart of Maremma to discover the land of the Etruscans, for a guided tour especially focused on "wine and archaeology", but also on food and nature, in the sign of pleasure and conviviality.
The site of the ancient "Vulci" with its noble Etruscans tombs, is immersed in an unspoiled landscape on a plateau carved by the Fiora river populated by a luxuriant vegetation.

You will walk along the shore of the river Fiora lead by an expert archaeologist to discover the ruins of the Etrusco-Roman town with its temples, basilicas and private buildings.

A recent archeo botanical research is demonstrating in the genome of the Etruscan vines a strict affinity with that of the modern vines of Maremma as if there was a continuity between the Etruscan wine landscape and the modern one, interrupted only by the black plague of the "malaria" which devastated this land for more than thousand years.

We will discuss the ancient Etruscans wine making techniques and practices and the symbolic meaning of the "symposium" ( banquet of wine) among the Etruscans by visiting the extraordinary archaeological collection housed in the Antiquarium of "Castello della Badia".

At lunch you'll taste the traditional flavours and wines of Maremma at "Casale dell'Osteria", a typical Tuscany style building: the appetizing boar cold cuts, the soups which in their simple ingredients recall the frugal meals of the "butteri", the typical "cacio maremmano", tasty sheep cheese, which should be accompanied by a robust red wine of Sovana or a "Morellino of Scansano" and the local biscuits dunked in the popular "holy wine" ("vin santo") of the Etruscan land.

Duration: full day.
Price: from 150 Euro per person. Price includes the transportation service to and from Vulci, the guide service in English language with an expert archaeologist.
Brunch at Casale dell'Osteria: 15 Euro per person.
Transportation: private driver.


Roman Castelli Wine Tour

A trip into the countryside, to the Albani Hills, scattered with fascinating towns and historical villas. The area, devoted from Antiquity to the Latin Gods, still keeps the fascination of nature, presence and myths of classical world, blended with the beauty of Renaissance and baroque villas. Together with art and monuments, we will not forget the culture of well-living: a wine tasting over the outlook of Rome will make us enjoy the culture of local gastronomy.

Our one day trip will bring us to some astonishing spots, highlighting these different fascinations. We will start with VILLA ALDOBRANDINI gardens of Frascati: still a lush, private garden where architecture is commanding over nature, where the mountain and its flow of water are part of a majestic, monumental and mythical composition of Atlas and Hercules.

We will then continue with the wine tasting at the CASTEL DE PAOLIS estate, near Grottaferrata, a contemporary vineyard, built over an ancient middle age fortress, where we will taste a selection of wines together with a mixed meal of local cuisine and desserts.

After lunch, we will spent the afternoon visiting the MUSEO ARCHEOLOGICO di Albano, housed in a villa dating from 1834, where we will admire the Neoclassing paintings of one room, together with all the archeological finds of the Albano area. The visit will be followed by a trip into the Monumental circuit of Albano: the big Roman CISTERN, still filled with water, the church of SANTA MARIA DELLA ROTONDA, built over a round nymphaeum (monumental fountain) of the Emperors' Domiziano villa, and the CATACOMBS OF S. SENATORE, with its frescoes, dating from end of IV century A.C. until XII century A.C.

Duration: full day.
Price: from 150 Euro per person. Price includes the transportation service to and from the Roman Castles, the guide service in English language with an expert art and architecture historian.
Brunch at Castel De Paolis: 22 Euro per person.
Transportation: private driver.

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